“When I was put in the Centre, I thought that there were no coloured people on the streets anymore, because I thought all of them were locked up there”
MOURTADA SECK came to Spain from Senegal eight years ago. He settled in Oviedo, where he did different jobs. Working as a baker he met his actual wife Mari Carmen Fernández. He was arrested in the summer of 2010 for being undocumented, and two days after his detention, was put in the Aluche’s Immigration Detention Centre in Madrid. A few weeks later, he was taken together with other forty inmates to the Barajas Airport in order to be deported.

samprotag“Never, ever… I had never imagined I would be put in an IDC (Immigration Detention Centre). That was a catastrophic time in my life”

SAMUEL (fictitious name) arrived in Spain a long time ago. From the moment he touched down on Spanish soil, he tried really hard to legalise his situation, although without success. He was imprisoned in the Zapadores’ IDC and then brought to Aluche, where he was close to be deported. His description and analysis of the reality in the IDCs is absolutely brilliant and shattering.

 peggyprotag“In Spain, an undocumented man cannot have a baby, an undocumented man cannot have a woman, and an undocumented man cannot be a father. And I want to know why”

PEGGY ABIEMWENSE vio su proyecto de vida truncado el día en que detuvieron a  su marido Austin Johnson. Ambos vivían en un piso en Torrente (Valencia) desde hacía bastante tiempo y esperaban el inminente nacimiento de su hija Divine, que se produjo ocho días después de la expulsión de su padre. Una expulsión donde se cometieron abusos y maltrato físico que, en la actualidad, está siendo investigada.

mari-carmenprotag“It was humiliating because it was as if I was visiting a criminal”

MARI CARMEN FERNÁNDEZ is Mourtada Seck’s wife. Her description of the way the visit schedule works at the IDCs and how the agents treat the relatives there is particularly enlightening.


“The IDC is a local response to a global matter” 

JUAN ANDRÉS PERELLÓ is a politician and a lawyer. He was elected as a member of the Group of the Progressive alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament. He is an expert on international cooperation and human rights affairs.

andrésprotag“The IDC is the highest symbol of institutional racism”

ANDRÉS GARCÍA is a lawyer, member of the Arrels Group. He also works for the Observatory on the Penal System and Human Rights (OSPDH) of the University of Barcelona.


solansprotag“As long as those in charge of the IDC are the same people as those who control the expulsion of the inmates imprisoned there, this is a breeding ground for impunity of any offence against inmates”

FRANCISCO SOLANS is a lawyer and the spokesman of the Immigration Law Subcommittee of the General Council of the Spanish Bars (CGAE).

robertoprotag“If it were not because of the IDC, nobody would ever be expelled”

ROBERTO VILLENA is Secretary-General of the Police Trade Union SUP in Valencia.


 ramiroprotag“I have received complaints of abuse by the police and even torture, given the technical concept of punitive torture”

RAMIRO GARCÍA DE DIOS is a Judge of the Examining Magistrate’s Court No 6 in Madrid. He is also the Supervisory Judge of the Aluche’s Immigration Detention Centre.

victoriaprotag“I am convinced there is lack of transparency in Spain. There is a difficulty in publishing information concerning public institutions and this deteriorates our public services, as well as the efficiency and development of our democracy”

VICTORIA ANDERICA is a project and campaign coordinator for Access Info Europe, where she works to achieve access to information legislation in Spain. She has coordinated numerous national and international monitoring projects including one together with Global Detention Project.

“En los Cies yo creo que casi la pregunta es qué derechos no se vulneran”patriciaprotag

PATRICIA OREJUDO is a Professor of Private International Law at the Complutense University of Madrid. Since 2011, she is a member of the Ferrocarril Clandestino Commission for the closure of the CIEs (Immigration Detention Centres).

jlprotagThese centres are very opaque institutions. Therefore, it is very little what is known about them”

JOSÉ LUIS RODRÍGUEZ is a lawyer. He is the coordinator of the Andalucia Acoge legal team, who is conducting the public prosecution of the five agents accused of committing sexual abuses against confined women in the Malaga’s Immigration Detention Centre.

“The conditions in which immigrants are deported are brutal.Thana-fornesprotagere is a deportation protocol according to which the minimal condition is to keep the vital signs of the deportee”

ANA FORNÉS is a member of the State Campaign for the Closure of Immigration Detention Centres. She has taken part in the drawing up of reports on these centres.


ANA TABOADA is a lawyer. She is an expert on Immigration, Criminal, Administrative and Civil Law. She was Mourtada Seck’s lawyer.