Detention centres for undocumented immigrants who have committed no crime are probably the darkest and most troubling side of the immigration enforcement system. Throughout the stories of Mourtada, Samuel and Peggy we will discover the human cost of these policies which will be deeply analised by experts and significant people from very different perspectives.


When Mourtada Seck was put in the Aluche´s IDC (Immigrantion Detention Centre), he was deprived from his right to keep his own identity, amongst other rights. He was assigned a number, as the rest of the imprisoned population in the centre, and this was the way he was handled and addressed to there. Samuel, who came to Spain in search of a better life with the economic help of his family, was also confined in two of these centres while awaiting for expulsion to come. Peggy, whose husband was expelled 8 days before the birth of their daughter and then suffered ill treatment from the agents who deported him, had her life project broken the day Austin was arrested.

These three stories will unfold throughout the film bringing up the most controversial and significant issues concerning the immigration enforcement system, focusing particularly on the Immigration Detention Centres.


What are these centres? How can be someone put in one of these centres? What is its real role? What are the moral or legal consequences of their existence for our modern societies? And beyond these questions… What is really happening indoors?